Modernise your vessel monitoring capabilities

The Perfect Monitoring for Smaller Vessels

MARINELINK-Essential is an integrated monitoring system that replaces analogue displays and older digital systems with intuitive digital interfaces for surveillance and alarm monitoring of vessel systems.

Marine type-approved computing and network equipment are combined with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies to deliver a secure, reliable, low-cost monitoring and control solution.

Simplified Monitoring and Alarms

Unified monitoring of all essential ship's systems from the bridge.

Better Interface for Crew

A simple user interface via touch screen computers with multipage displays. Digitisation of the user interface reduces the risk of human error and improves operational efficiency.

Digital Systems Monitoring

Connect to essential vessel systems through type-approved hardware to monitor and collect systems information.

Systems included

Main Engines and Gear Boxes
Water Jets
Auxiliary Engines
Emergency Auxiliary Engine
Bow Thrusters
Electrical system & Main Circuit Breakers
Bilge system
Machinery Space Fans
Sewage System
Car Deck Fans
HVAC - Air Conditioning
Fire and Smoke Dampers
Ballast & Anti-Heeling system
Others via I/O boards & PLCs

The Alarms system continually monitors the status of the vessel automation network. Warnings alert the operator when devices go offline or fall outside of normal operating parameters.

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