Bring your ship data to shore for storage, analysis and collaboration

Bring Ship Data to Shore

Ship systems contain a large amount of data that has enormous potential to enable more  reliable, efficient and comfortable ship operations. MARINELINK-Connect allows you to bring live ship data to shore for storage, reporting, and to improve operational effectiveness through analysis. 

MARINELINK-Connect enables data from the ship’s monitoring and control system to be viewed  on-line and in real-time. Connections to other types of data, such as security camera images or video are also possible.

New data  sources are connected separately to the existing MARINELINK network to ensure  the cyber security integrity of the ship’s monitoring and control network is maintained.

Data Capture & Storage

Data is continuously collected by the system and transferred securely to the cloud.  All data is stored in accordance to the maritime industry standard ISO 19848 ("Standard data for shipboard machinery and equipment"].

Data Sharing & Export

Download data directly from the system or share your data quickly and easily as data is stored in accordance to industry standard protocols. Data can also be connected to external systems such as DNV GL's Veracity portal.

Data Enrichment

Overlay vessel data with mapping and metocean information or combine with your own data sources. MARINELINK offers various options to collect ship data or external data based on your specific needs.

Reporting & Analytics

Unify and access your data in one location through an easy to use, on-line portal for real-time and historical data analysis, report downloads, fleet monitoring and machine learning based insights.

Connecting to 3rd Party Services: DNV GL Veracity Digital Platform

Veracity is DNV GL’s independent data platform and digital industry eco-system. Veracity has over 200,000 users from 20,000companies, enjoying frictionless connection and collaboration with their assets through data sets, APIs, applications and insights.

MARINELINK-Connect data-streams can be connected directly to Veracity by DNV GL and stored according to industry standard formats (e.g. ISO19848) with ownership and access controlled by you.


This makes your data available to tap into the following features and benefits:

  • Class and compliance activities such as streamlined EU MRV and IMO DCS data collection, reporting and verification.
  • Connect with other providers of digital maritime services already connected with the Veracity platform. There are 200+ services available from more than 30 providers (DNV GL and 3rd parties), and growing.
  • Combine and cross-reference against other asset information, such as drawings and class documents, event and maintenance activities, etc. with easy search, query and share functionality where you are in control.
  • Data quality monitoring and assurance services following industry data standards and DNV GL Recommend Practices on Data Quality to provide the level of trust needed by your digital use-cases.
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