Next generation highly integrated monitoring and control in an industry leading 3D interface.

Prepare Your Ship For a Digital Future

MARINELINK-Prime is Austal’s next generation on-board digital system. It delivers to ship operators highly integrated monitoring and control, a modern 3D interface and seamless integration with other on-board and on-shore products in the MARINELINK suite.

Austal has been delivering powerful integrated monitoring, alarm and control (IMACS) systems for our clients since 1998. Over the last two decades we have been refining the user experience and consistently pushing the boundaries of control and alarm management. MARINELINK-Prime is the culmination of this effort and experience. 

Improved Monitoring & Control

Class approved, unified monitoring and control of all connected ship's systems from the bridge and other operating stations.

MARINELINK-Prime breaks the boundaries of existing SCADA-based systems, giving ship operators more direct control over their systems.

User Interface

A completely redesigned user interface provides a realistic 2D & 3D representation of the ship for internal navigation; customizable equipment views, room based equipment views, light and dark modes, and a fully scalable UI.

Manage All Ship Systems in One Place

Connected via a redundant process bus, crew can track information and send commands to equipment and systems from the bridge or any MARINELINK-Prime location on the ship.

Systems included

Main Engines and Gear Boxes
Water Jets
Auxiliary Engines
Emergency Auxiliary Engine
Bow Thrusters
Electrical system & Main Circuit Breakers
Bilge system
Machinery Space Fans
Sewage System
Car Deck Fans
HVAC - Air Conditioning
Fire and Smoke Dampers
Ballast & Anti-Heeling system
Others via I/O boards & PLCs

Notifications, alerts and popups intelligently direct the operator to the relevant physical and equipment location.

Power Management

Optimise power generation to match consumption, whilst minimising fuel and maintenance costs. Integrate into any generator configuration and type, allowing great flexibility for vessel configuration.

Simple to Maintain and Upgrade

MARINELINK-Prime is built from Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware to provide a robust and widely available, tailored solution for your marine automation requirements.

MARINELINK-Prime Interface Example
Advanced Cybersecurity

Built upon the industry standard OPCUA communication protocol, Prime offers a stronger security suite, built upon an open and up-to-date foundation. Along with a more secure software suite, MARINELINK-Prime offers the latest in Network Secure Hardware.

From 2020 all hardware must comply with International Maritime Organisation (IMO)Resolution MSC 428(98) – Maritime Cyber Risk. All items Austal supplies are compliant with this code.

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