Evolved over 20 years, a new product suite delivering a digital future to ship operators, on-board and on-shore.

What's New with Marinelink

MARINELINK is the trusted control and monitoring system developed and refined for more than 20 years by Austal. To cater for customer requirements in an era of rapidly advancing digital technology, Austal has upgraded and expanded our reliable MARINELINK system to a new suite of on-board and on-shore digital systems.

The new generation of MARINELINK will enable ship operators on-board and on-shore to monitor, analyse and act - delivering safe, efficient and comfortable operation of their vessels.

MARINELINK delivers advanced integrated monitoring and control, remote vessel performance tracking and voyage optimisation to reduce fuel consumption and enhance passenger comfort.

Modernise Your Vessel

Take advantage of the latest advanced digital technologies to eliminate obsolescence risks, reduce operational costs and improve the safety and efficiency of your operations.

Partner with Austal

Benefit from continuous innovations and developments from Austal with best in class support.

Smarter Operations

Use Machine Learning and your ship’s data to improved crew decision-making and operational efficiency.

Universal Data

Unify your data sources. Allow access to internal and external parties to support your operations and continuous improvement teams.

The MARINELINK Product Suite

The MARINELINK Product Suite

Product Suite


Austal's Operations suite of MARINELINK products are built using Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware and common software to provide a robust and widely available, tailored solution for your marine automation requirements.


Austal's Performance suite of MARINELINK products accesses the big data the vessel captures in real time. Harness your data to drive down fuel costs and improve the passenger experience.


Partner with Austal’s MARINELINK engineering team to maintain your MARINELINK systems functionality and manage obsolescence risks, keeping your ship in service.


If you are interested in a MARINELINK upgrade and would like to spread the investment over a longer period we have options that can help.  

We have a range of different payment solutions including up-front, instalment plans and software-as-a-service.

Please contact us to find out more.

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