Windows 7 - End of Life

What does end of life mean?

Windows PCs running Windows 7 will continue to run after Microsoft official support is no longer available. However Microsoft will no longer provide technical support, software updates or security updates.

How does this impact MARINELINK?

Microsoft will not be taking responsibility for closing any Windows 7 security issues or malware discovered after Microsoft ends their official support. This will represent an increased risk for MARINELINK systems using Windows 7.

In the event of a MARINELINK PC failure, there will be reduced availability for sourcing replacement type approved marine compatible computers installed with Windows 7.  

This availability will continue to decrease over time.

What options are available for managing Windows 7 end of life risks?

Austal offers an upgrade path to a current operating system by upgrading to MARINELINK-Prime or MARINELINK-Essential. Contact to find out more.