NT and NW Circuit Breakers End of Life Notice

Austal has  been advised that the Masterpact NT and NW series Circuit-Breakers have  reached their end of life and have been replaced with the new Masterpact MTZ  series of circuit breakers.  

Spare circuit breaker parts

Austal has been advised that spare parts for the NT/NW series circuit-breaker will be available until June 2028. Austal will continue to support vessels with the NT/NW series of circuit breakers.

Circuit breaker upgrade

The new MTZ series breakers have the same power connections, current rating and terminal temperature rising as the equivalent NT/NW series circuit breaker. The new MTZ series circuit breaker also does not require the switchboard to be re-certified if previously certified with a NT/NW series circuit breaker.

Austal can offer upgrades to the replacement MTZ series of circuit breakers.