No day is the same for the MARINELINK-Smart operations team

This is Luke Grootveld and Yuma Iwasaki of Austal's MARINELINK-Smart team, reviewing the latest journey of Bocayna Express, one of the Fred Olsen Express vessels which operates the MARINELINK-Smart high-speed craft voyage optimisation system.

Behind every software service is an operational team of people like Luke and Yuma ensuring the software is doing what it should do.

This is especially true of voyage optimisation products like MARINELINK-Smart. The trim, speed and other advice we provide is automatically generated by sophisticated machine learning algorithms. But sometimes it can still take an experienced human to ensure the advice being provided is appropriate and will deliver fuel savings, CO2 reductions and passenger comfort for our customers.

Caveat: we did stage this picture to ensure we didn't disclose any sensitive customer data. But the operational support tasks of Luke, Yuma and the rest of the team are very real.