New MARINELINK website

Austal has been developing monitoring and control solutions under the MARINELINK brand for over twenty years. Over the last three years Austal has invested in the development of new digital products for our customers which leverage MARINELINK and other data to deliver new forms of value to our customers. As a result, the MARINELINK product range has multiplied.

Today MARINELINK includes vessel operational optimisation (MARINELINK-Smart), ship to shore data transfer (MARINELINK-Connect), support services (MARINELINK-Watch) and the latest version of our monitoring and control product (MARINELINK-Prime and MARINELINK-Essential).

MARINELINK now includes a wider range of digital products for ship operators

This product ranges provides our customers with many new ways to reduce operating costs, improve on-board comfort and enhance operational safety. However, the breadth of the offering also has the potential to confuse our customers.

To ensure that we have a consistent description of what our offering is we have decided to launch a new MARINELINK website. As well as describing the products and services we offer the website will also be regularly updated with Technical Bulletins for our existing customers, Blog updates on the development of our products, and  contact information for our customers when they need to get in touch.